Access to education unbound.

Your students deserve an education system that can accommodate on-demand learning.

Unbound Access

Learning that can happen when inspiration strikes, when curiosity calls, or when they just get stuck. Our unbound access to tutors and a knowledge base of core content means that your students can access education where, when and how they need it.

Machine learning technology

With machine learning technology that connects your students to the teachers and information they seek, we can help you raise the next generation of connected learners who are ready to take on the new world of work.

On-demand access to tutors, for whenever inspiration strikes.

OKIN Educate provides unbridled access to tutors who can deliver on-demand tutoring. So your students learn when inspiration strikes and get answers when curiosity calls, because learning isn’t limited to the classroom.

A teacher and student speaking via chat. Can you help me with my math homework? Sure! Math can be tricky, what are you stuck on? I really don't understand algebra at all! No problem, let's take a look together.

Cultivate curiosity and get students back on track

Whether compelling questions arise in the car on the way home from school, or if you’re trying to catch up on that tricky trigonometry from last semester, we know that the opportunities for active learning happen beyond the confines of a classroom. OKIN Educate provides the hands-on answers, support, and guidance to students whenever they need it.

Connected learning for the next generation

Our qualified tutors are just a mouse-click away, whether your students need a bit of extra help in term time, in the evenings, or on the weekend. Through our enterprise-grade, secure system, students can finally take their learning beyond the classroom.

Trusted to help across your school district

OKIN Educate leverages best-practice pedagogy and decades of experience in enterprise technology to deliver a transformational learning experience. We’re committed to supporting school districts who want to raise a new generation of active, lifelong learners.

On-demand access to tutors

We’re a FERPA-compliant assistive technology, meaning that our solution qualifies as student performance software under the ESSER Fund guidelines. As a cloud-based technology service provider, your school district can be up and running with OKIN Educate without the need for new infrastructure, staff or budget. We’re ready to make access to education unbound. Are you?

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