What Sets Us Apart

Proven Solutions

At OKIN Educate, we develop solutions that address the challenges schools and districts face in modern learning across the country. We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to grow, learn, and develop as individuals on their own unique learning journey. Our team works to provide the resources that empower students to do this and to follow an educational path to success for their future. While each member of the team brings diverse experience, we are all united by a mission to make learning better for all students.

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The OKIN Educate team consists of passionate education professionals and solution design
experts such as former high school teachers, school reform specialists, development managers, content development directors, and beyond.

Together, our entire team brings years of varied experience that spans across education, IT, and business process optimization.

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Award Winning Team

In education, we have team members with leadership experience in supporting school districts of over 300,000 students with over 10 years of demonstrated excellence in those districts. We are grateful to have a talented team of people who have received individual recognition such as the Sallie Mae First Class Teacher of the Year Award, the James Reilly Achievement Award, and the Pursuit of Perfection Award & Leadership Team Appointment. Our education professionals have 13 to over 20 years of experience in various areas of education.

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Solutions at scale

All Areas of Education

  • Implementing K-12 solutions that serve students, teachers, administrators, parents
  • Working with National & State Superintendent Associations
  • Managing school and districtwide improvement
  • Cultivating client relationships with district leaders
  • Program development, e-learning, and distanced learning
  • Special education

To meet everyday challenges in the classroom, we first identify what it means to support the “whole student.”

As a team of education professionals, we understand that a holistic tutoring solution must support students academically and beyond. This is why the Homework Helpline and Targeted Tutoring are specifically designed to address both academic and non-academic student needs. These solutions use a 1-on-1 student to tutor model where tutors simply reinforce the material that students initially learn in the classroom. Then, each solution also uses Sentiment Analysis to assess how students engage with academic content on a social emotional level.

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The Homework Helpline and Targeted Tutoring are two tools ingrained in one solution designed to provide improve overall student performance.

Why choose the Homework Helpline
and Targeted Tutoring?

team work makes the dream work
  • 1-on-1 “whole student” tutoring solution
  • 2 academic tools in one solution
  • Inspired by a team of professionals with 20+ years of education experience
  • Powered by a team that brings top-tier customer service experience to a
    student-centered solution
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