What We Provide

Just-in-time academic support

Homework Helpline

The Homework Helpline offers on demand access to tutors for whenever inspiration strikes or curiosity calls. Students can either get 1-on-1, on demand tutoring or explore the Knowledge Library to learn independently.



Girl in a tutoring session on laptop

Targeted Tutoring

Targeted Tutoring offers academic support in both 1-on-1 student/tutor sessions as well as sessions with up to 10 students. Tutoring can occur online or in a hybrid environment where students are in a classroom, and the tutor joins remotely.

Students, teachers, or administrators can schedule individual or group tutoring sessions ahead of time. This is the perfect opportunity for students to explore what they learn in class more in depth, get their questions answered, and attend sessions that are designed to support their individual areas of need.


Synergistic Results

The Homework Helpline generates SMART Analytics to provide Targeted Tutoring based on actual student needs. The Knowledge Library can help identify the questions students ask in most in the classroom and use student feedback and engagement to customize content to their needs. SMART Analytics uses student data points to identify and provide insight on effective ways to support student learning, and allows teachers and administrators to get reporting and insights they need to support student outcomes.

Synergistic Results

Teacher’s Assistant

Teacher’s Assistant allows teachers to schedule follow-up review sessions focused on individual students and the subject matter areas for which those students require extra support in the moment.

This allows teachers to continue with their lesson in the classroom while ensuring that certain students receive additional support in a subject matter area/skill area if necessary.

Sessions with a Teacher’s Assistant can be scheduled to occur during class or after school to address day-to-day needs students see in the classroom.

Boy raising hand in class
Boy taking notes during a video tutoring session

Learning Library

The Learning Library gives students access to content, such as articles, as a way to provide additional support and to grow their study skills. For example, learn best practices for studying, research how to overcome test anxiety, and explore good study habits.

CLEAR Protocol

The CLEAR Protocol is the methodology our tutors use to effectively reach students through each interaction on the Homework Helpline and Targeted Tutoring.

Connect via chat or video.
Learn about the students issues.
Engage using modeling, eLearning strategies and Socratic questioning.
Apply knowledge to complete homework and tasks.
Reinforce by checking for understanding, identifying next steps, and following up.

Tutor explaining language via video call