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Students, Teachers, Administrators, and Parents

A wholistic solution that meets and exceeds the needs of students, teachers, parents, and administrators.


Kids at Desk


Students have access to an online platform that provides ongoing academic support with a whole-student approach. When a student needs help with homework, they can turn to the Homework Helpline and get 1-on-1 guidance on the subject with a live, certified tutor.

Due to the challenges of learning during the pandemic, students may have experienced learning loss and require academic reinforcement. The Homework Helpline provides this support, allowing for learning loss recovery and learning acceleration. This solution also employs Sentiment Analysis algorithms to produce insights on how students interact with and approach learning modules.


Teachers can create individualized learning plans for each student. With this feature, students can meet the exact learning objectives they need to stay on track and grow in their own unique learning journey. In addition, teachers can also track how their students are using the Homework Helpline and leverage these insights to further customize lesson plans and make instruction more effective.

Teacher in front of class
Administrators at desk


The Homework Helpline equips administrators with the insights they need to comprehensively assess student learning. Not only does the Homework Helpline produce academic reporting and analytics, but it also includes key social emotional learning insights. With this wide view of reporting, administrators have all the tools they need to understand student needs, communicate with teachers, and get parents more involved.


Keeping parents and guardians informed and involved in student learning is essential. With the Homework Helpline, parents can view every step of their child’s learning journey on the Homework Helpline. Tutoring session schedules, live interactions, and individualized learning plans are all available for parents to view. This enables parents to stay up to date on their child’s progress and view critical areas of academic performance.

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